John Hayden, creator of GODFIT, bio and information.

John is a certified fitness professional that has a wide range of experience training clients such as professional athletes, adults, youth, and children. as a former collegiate athlete, John’s passion for fitness and wellness has been an integral part of his life.

His approach to fitness is humble. Stay fit to SERVE others. (Galatians 5:13)

John is a former collegiate athlete, father, husband, dog owner, and a guy who loves watching Indiana basketball almost as much as he loves the great outdoors. He has a BA degree in exercise science from Anderson (Indiana) University, and enjoys using his degree and experience to help others discover how they can “connect the dots” between fitness, their hobbies, and a life devoted to service in the name of Christ. He is a forward thinker, extrovert, leader, follower of Christ, and the creator of GODFIT.

John Hayden pictured at mill race marathon and longs peak summit.








On the right side of the sanctuary, in the middle, my wife and I sat in our usual seats for church. It was a gloomy morning in late February with typical Indiana winter weather—cold and wet. There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary in the day’s plans to distract my mind from worship and not one reason to glance at my watch to check the time. I could simply sit back, relax, and immerse myself in the church service. In hindsight, the absence of a jam-packed schedule was the perfect window of opportunity for God to grab my attention and slap me in the face with the calling he had been waiting to reveal to me.

Pastor Danny Houze preached that morning on “using your platform” for God’s kingdom. It focused on understanding how to identify what your “platform” actually is and then being able to recognize how to use it. And then it hit me—as a fitness professional at a health club in my hometown of Columbus, Indiana, I didn’t know if any of the 1,000 members I see every month knew I was a Christian. I didn’t know if they knew where I went to church or even that I did go to church. I was sure they thought I was a nice guy and had a good attitude on life, but did they know I believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and that through his grace, I would live for eternity in heaven?

At that moment, a seed was planted on my heart. What grew out of that seed is the constant pursuit of God through spiritual disciplines, healthy choices, and physical fitness. My experience as a fitness professional, combined with my degree in exercise science and certification in personal training, enabled God to orchestrate, through me, a fitness program that encourages and equips people to take action. GODFIT is about understanding God’s calling in your life as a servant for the Lord and being in shape (spiritually and physically) to act on that calling. GODFIT was created to give people the tools to experience a greater relationship with God and to reciprocate God’s love to others through service. Use this program as a form of worship, and pursue your relationship with God, trusting that he is using you to serve his kingdom on whatever “platform” you might be standing.



  • “GODFIT encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and strive to improve my life. The format allowed for my wife and I to do the devotionals and the workouts together; jumpstarting a shared enthusiasm to continue to improve the overall health of our spiritual and physical lives.” Ryan C.