The Boston Marathon is coming up on 4/21/14  and Lisa S. will be representing GODFIT at the race sporting the UA v-neck top in the GODFIT store!! Lisa S. is a volunteer for GODFIT locally and helps lead group training sessions and devotions in our community! She is a great friend with a servants heart who found her passion for fitness on the pavement!

    I got the opportunity to train with and  run my first marathon with Lisa last September! She, not me, found a hobby in running marathons. I am looking forward to supporting her and following her on 4/21/14!

    Besides qualifying for BOSTON, the most inspiring thing about Lisa is that she has encouraged her children, 2 girls, to run in the 5k!! #fit4christfit4life 

    Mill Race Marathon Pics 2013 (5)

    BEFORE the Mill Race Marathon, September 2013