• GODFIT kids’ challenge

    GODFIT kids’ challenge

    4 years ago the thought of putting together a “VBS like” program for children, 4 years to 5th grade, would have never came in to my mind. I didn’t grow up around babies or even small children for that matter. I didn’t babysit, I didn’t volunteer to hold babies, I didn’t point out babies when I saw them, or anything like it!

    When my wife and I had our first son, Jones, all of a sudden something changed. I understood what all the excitement was about! I learned how awesome children are and how much the NEED us!

    As God laid GODFIT on my heart I believe he was also warming it up to the idea of turning GODFIT in to a fitness related VBS program for kids.

    For the first time in our history as a nation the life expectancy for our children is less than the generation before. Obesity is a major player in this issue and teaching children how important living a  healthy active lifestyle if crucial for their development as stewards of God’s Kingdom.

    This past month I had the opportunity to pilot the vision of “GODFIT kids’s challenge” with Terrace Lake Community Church in Columbus, IN. 18 families totaling over 60+ individuals participated and learned what it means to COMBINE wellness with their FAITH.

    As God continues to develop this idea please pray for the opportunities to TAKE ACTION. [GAL. 5:

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