• #ThroughLoveServe


    This past Sunday the #godfit crew from Terrace Lake Community Church concluded their GODFIT training series by sharing God’s love through acts of service to a transition home / food pantry called the “Love Chapel” in Columbus, IN. This home is a safe place for anyone who has fallen on tough times and needs temporary housing. It is not fancy; it is simply a room with a bed and an opportunity to receive warm meals.


    On 3/1 the GODFIT crew set out to improve the quality of the living situation by those who enter in to this temporary housing. We deep cleaned, scrubbed floors, painted hallways, bathrooms, and the kitchen. We assembled 4 bunk beds and built more storage space for nonperishable food items in the kitchen. We shoveled snow, replaced the air filters, and listened to stories from the families who lived there.


    For six weeks this group trained physically and spiritually to take action on this service project. As a group we prepared our hearts for what we set out to do on 3/1. There is no better reason to stay fit than to serve the kingdom of God. This is GODFIT.